Maintaining a strategic distance from the Pitfalls of College Essay Writing

Suppose a student has what they consider to be the best thought ever for a research paper that is simply been assigned out by one of their professors. It’s a theme they are both learned and energetic about, and they feel as though they could expound on it for quite a long time. Regardless of how awesome a thought may appear at the start, students who neglect to legitimately get ready for and take after the valued strides for creating a long-shape report regularly end up in an undefined space where their thoughts are jumbled by absence of structure. Prior to any writing happens, students need to make an arrangement for progress.

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The essay is actually the replacement of the interview. Over the course of the admission procedure, the admission committee has to deal with a multitude of applications. Thus, it is impossible for them to acquaint themselves with all the students by arranging an interview. It is then that the essay becomes handy. It becomes the last resort to know more about the applicants apart from their academic achievements and high standardized test scores.

As the admission officer is going to go through the essay, he is going to formulate an image about the personality and character, skills and capabilities and the experience and education of the applicant. So better write something eye-catching to conjure up a pleasant image about yourself in the mind of the evaluator. I am not saying that you can brag and boast about being something extraordinary, when in reality you are not. That is not going to get you anywhere. Even if you manage to acquire admission in a top-notch college or university, you will find it extremely difficult to survive. Copying an essay from the internet should also be avoided.

The point is that your college admission essay has to be unique. Everybody has their own life experiences, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the essay must be unique as it is a reflection of only your personality traits and characteristics. It is only your ideas and feelings which can make your essay stand out from the rest. The question arises, how the essay can be made unique? What should it consist of? Well, you can describe an event in your life which gave you a valuable lesson; a lesson which is going to help you for all times to come. You can also explain in detail about the time when you made a goal and set out to achieve it. The outcome of that goal will not necessarily interest the admission officer, but your feelings and the lessons about life you got to learn while struggling for that aim will surely do.

So, while ending this article, I am going to reiterate my point of view of being you while writing the essay. Before putting pen to paper, delve into yourself. Find out your strengths and weaknesses. Know your interests and activities. Recall your achievements. Think about your aims and ambitions. In short, find yourself. Then pour down your ideas and feelings on the paper. You will surely impress the admission committee.


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