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Global Orientation in Creative Writing Trends

The words, "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master" by the charismatic and mesmerizing writer Ernest Hemingway proves that completeness in creative writing is just a mirage. Spontaneity is the key of creative writing and different people evaluate spontaneity in different ways and attain different conclusions. There is no unanimous opinion in writing and reading because writers and readers choose different genres of writing according to their taste. When the concept or idea of creative writing is superimposed into the context of college education, it is evident that degree programs expect proficiency in target language because the same is made use as a medium of communication and to meet writing purposes. Those who choose to continue their education in host nations are expected to take care of many aspects of education because it is essential for them to prove themselves as efficient.

Similarly, there are new trends in academic writing scenario because international education is undergoing rapid change, apart from traditional mode of teaching-learning. Nowadays, time and place are not problematic in education because digital literacy did transform education as a whole. Earlier, teacher centered mode of education limited the scope of child-centered instruction, but advanced levels of modern education totally discards the same. Still, those who are with less mastery over language and creativity face several problems. But daily interaction with teachers, peers and writing exercises can help to improve one's writing skills. Students are expected to have a bird's eye view on the global trends in writing with creativity. To be specific, students are expected to have deeper understanding on the changes happing within education in global context because they are the future workforce of their nations. Innovative ideas must be adopted to improve one's writing owing to the new trends because innovativeness is the key towards success.

Improvisation is possible because writing-especially academic writing-is expected to change and improvisation can help one to taste success in writing. Still, those who are trying hard to learn the basics of writing cannot think about the scope of improvisation in their writing because the same is the next level of writing, but some best essay writing service providers can handle the same with ease. Students must show utmost interest to exploit the scope of writing because the digital world is expecting creativity beyond traditional mode of writing. To be specific, traditional mode of writing was with expected audience. But a writer who deals with the digital world cannot expect any specific group of audience because there is no restriction on entry in the digital world. So, it is evident the digital world and related platforms deeply influence creative writing. Student community must realize that creativity added with mastery over language and different subjects can help them to be successful in academics.

1) What you have to look for when joining a degree program?

When joining a degree program, students are expected to be overwhelming with enthusiasm and surprise. One can see college days are one among the most vibrant and productive periods in one's life. Students expect best experiences in college environment and it can deeply influence their character and related behavior. On the other side, students from the third world nations consider the scope of foreign education as a dream to be fulfilled. Still, both students come under the broader spectrum of student community, whether national or international. Selection procedure for the continuation of education in foreign universities and colleges is tiresome, but its end product is amazing, i.e. global exposure. Some ideas and tips can equip a student to head on the responsibilities related to the decision on joining a degree program.

This first thing to be remembered before getting admission for a degree program is that one is totally independent, but responsible for one's deeds. School days are over and home is away, maybe, thousand miles or so. Freedom must not be taken as granted because it comes with a number of responsibilities. It is not fair to depend upon takeaway food item or junk. Better to start or learn the basics of cooking. This can save time, energy and money altogether. Orientation programs on degree programs can help an individual to get acquainted with the rules and regulation at an educational institution. Wholehearted involvement in college environment is essential to have new friends and to maintain the same. Students cannot be spendthrift because they are supposed to complete their courses in a successful manner, not to waste their money. So, strict limitations on eateries and tight budgeting are important for a student.

It is essential to have all the things for education and this cannot be considered as wastrel of money in general. For instance, buying a laptop to fulfill one's educational purposes is not wastrel, but an essential thing to be done. There must be proper balancing between learning and leisure time activities because both are important within education. Some students provide importance to education and totally discard leisure time activities. Some other students get totally immersed in leisure time activities and discard their lessons. Both the ideas are wrong because it cannot prepare a student to head on university exams in a proper manner. One can easily go through the syllabus for the proposed course and take apt measures to have proper idea on the same. This is important because colleges provide the student community with information on the course materials prescribed for the course. So, students can go through those materials and put themselves far ahead of others. In short, self-learning, not spoon-feeding, must be the motto of every student who is expecting to gain admission at any college or University.

2) What should you take care of when you choose to study abroad?

Studying abroad is a unique experience for a student because he or she represents his or her nation's cultural heritage. Student's positive aspects of behavior attract others and negative aspects distract. So, an international student must be so cautious on behavior, but it can also be used as a chance to display oneself and one's culture in colors. First of all, those who wish to continue their studies abroad must realize that cultural difference is one among the factors which can transform a foreign student's education from enthusiasm to nightmare. For instance, a student from the third world may feel that he or she is alienated in the host society because each and every cultural characteristic in the host nation's mainstream society may feel as entirely different. Language, food habit, relationships, way of life, etc. may be different but it can help an international student to know more about that specific culture. Besides, most students of the host culture may consider an international student as a 'cultural ambassador'.

At the same time, international students must be ready to accept the fact that they are having a unique chance to get acquainted with students from entirely different nation. They can choose from two options, either to mingle with others or to keep aloof from all. Second option is not an option in real sense because it can entrap an international student to be a scapegoat. So, it is better not to choose the so called 'second option'! Every aspect related to the proposed life as student in a different nation must be pondered upon. For instance, those who are less proficient in English language are expected to undergo classes related to written & spoken English, because the same is an important language with global outreach.

Students can communicate with experts in the field and with those who did complete their education from foreign nations. This sort of pre-planning can be most helpful for an international student because experts in helping to gain access to the universities and colleges in international level can equip them to shed their inhibition and to deal with others with ease. Similarly, those who seek admission at the colleges and universities in foreign nations can seek advice from those who are studying abroad. To be specific, lack of exposure is the most important problem faced by the international student community. So, it is better to consider the opportunity to continue one's education in abroad as a unique chance to gain international exposure within limited time interval. If the student visa and passport are ready, nothing to worry be ready to shine as an international student!

3) What are the new trends in academic writing domain?

Writers are students are expected to the forerunners of innovativeness because they possess the technical knowhow on new things and happenings in the global context. If one did decide to be on the pinnacle of success one must move forward and never surrender to stagnation. One can see that activeness is the catalyst of success and those who are successful in their life easily identifies its importance and makes use of the same with effectiveness. When this idea is amalgamated into the scenario of academic writing, it is evident that new trends deeply influence academic writing in general. Nowadays, language is undergoing rapid change and progress, so does academic writing. One cannot expect language and related academic mode of writing as different watertight compartments without any relationship. Earlier, writing and related knowledge were confined within the upper strata of the mainstream society. But now, best essay writing service is really helpful for the needy. The downtrodden mass was not allowed to be in touch with the upper layers of the society and this division limited their scope to have upward mobility in each and every sphere of the society.

Nowadays, writing is becoming more informal and the lower layers of the 'social ladder' is able enjoy its benefits in different ways. To be specific, informal form of writing is helpful for the student community because they can express ideas on their own without depending upon words and usages symbolic of pedantic knowledge. Informal mode of writing really revolutionizes writing, but total usage of informality is not so good for a student. To be specific, a student who prepares an essay related to language and literature, general topics can adopt informal mode of writing. But a student who is preparing a scientific research paper is not advised to depend upon informal mode of writing because it is utter foolishness.

Similarly, digital way of writing is helpful for a writer, researcher or student to come up with error-proof end products. Earlier, editing and related proofreading were tiresome efforts to be undertaken by writers because there were less ways to deal with errors. But now, there are hundreds of virtual platforms allowing writers to check whether their works are genuine or not. This sort of usage of modern technological innovation in writing makes almost all resource on the web as quality sources. This is really innovative for a newbie who is attempting to complete his or her assignment because online sources and examples can act the role of a benchmark to test the effectiveness of their end products. Nowadays, inductive reasoning is getting less importance in the scenario of extensive research and deductive reasoning is grabbing attention as a whole. To be specific, deductive reasoning is based upon in-depth analysis and it allows enough space for the individual writer to express his or her views in their writings. In short, abovementioned are the main trends related to the ever evolving mode of technical writing, aka academic writing.

4) Noticeable impacts of Global Orientation in Creative Writing

Creative writing is basically related to fiction because it allows writers to set their imagination free to unknown spheres of imaginativeness. Later, imaginativeness is transformed into another form, the figurative world of words and sentences. The impact within global orientation of creativity in the form of writing is noticeable and the student community is the most important beneficiary of the same. For instance, there are thousands of blogs helpful for the needy who are in search of online and offline help to express their creativity in the form of writing. Still, digital divide and digital illiteracy hinder the student community in the third world nations to gain instant access to the internet resources and make use of the same in their academics. Some among the most important and effective blogs and similar internet resources aiming to accelerate creative writing are mentioned below.

There are several online tools helpful to deal with proofreading. Writers and students consider proofreading as a headache because to proofread a lengthy work is to allow oneself to get totally immersed in a tiresome effort. The web-platform named as Grammarly mainly helps the writers and students to proofread their completed works. To be specific, this web-platform allows the needy to check almost everything related to writing, including grammar. The Creative Penn by the renowned independent publisher named as Joanna Penn allows the writers to be independent by helping them to publish their completed works. This idea is really innovative and jaw-dropping experience to a newbie in writing because publishing one's work without seeking help from renowned publishers is beyond imagination. The mastermind behind the aforementioned blog equips the proposed writers with tips to improve their writings.

Similarly, the website named as Daily Writing Tips allows those who are interested in writing to gain access to the huge source of daily tips related to the perfect mode of writing. One can see that grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and less proficiency in language hinders writers and students to make use of different languages at its fullness. This website provides the users with daily tips related to writing. Students can easily gain access to this website and improve their language skills by going through different resources. The website named as Better Novel Project is totally dedicated to wannabe writers to sharpen their critical skills by making use of literary works from different genres as tools for literary criticism. One can see that most students consider literary criticism as a hard nut to crack because it needs scholastic approach. So, those who are interested in writing can easily make use of the latest trends in the scenario of global writing and improve their writing skills with the help of innovative tools and methods.

5) Advanced levels of Creative Writing trends

Usage of modern writing trends in writing is a dream for every writer who considers innovation as the advanced level of creativity and its expression in the form of writing. Some eminent thinkers predicted that reading is going to die and there is no remedy to save books from untimely death. But the modern world proved that there is no instant death for reading, but the medium of reading did undergo change. For instance, almost all the publishers of newspapers in the modern context are aware of the fact that mere printed versions cannot help to increase circulation and to be in the limelight of fame. Besides, readers are in search of infotainment and the value of news is momentary. To be specific, printing itself did undergo change and online version of newspapers is one among the examples for this innovative trend. Nowadays, it is difficult to confine information in dark corners because social networking is that much widespread and powerful.

Writers are forced to follow new trends in writing and students imitate the same. This is not a negative form of development because the world is moving fast forward, not facing any sort of stagnation related to write. Anyone can make use of the new trends in writing as tools to express oneself with the help of language. If no publishing company is ready to publish the completed works, no problem there are several online portals to help newbie writers to publish works on their own. Still, digital literacy is essential to be competitive in the ever changing scenario or writing and publishing. On the other side, the papers and assignments completed by the student community is not intended to publish because its aim is entirely different. Discarding this basic difference, the works by writers and student community depend upon pure creativity.

Those who write for the web-based audience show keen interest in self-marketing because they know that 'survival of the fittest' is the key aspect of the virtual world. Those who make use of innovative methods to market themselves survive in the wilderness of the web and those who are with less opportunity for self-promotion gets demoted. This method is not applicable for academic writing because it is not good for students to consider their peers as enemies. To be specific, instructors adopt different methods to evaluate their students including individual tasks and group tasks. When a student is forced to consider the classmate as a competitor, the very aim of education gets out-focused. Group task ask for co-operation among the students belong to the same group. Still, students can adopt advanced levels of writing trends by choosing the web as one among the mediums to search and collect resources.

6) Best ways to acquire creative writing skills and its diversification

There are different ways to gain access to the secrets of creative writing because the latest trend in the modern world is that much helpful for the student community as a whole, and best essay writing service is one among the same. Still, all the ideas and ways related to the acquisition and diversification of writing skills cannot be applied to every student. For instance, some students acquire writing skills on their own because they are gifted students with the ability of fast learning. On the other side, some other students face difficulty while acquiring the basic skills related to writing because they are slow learners. Teachers are expected to realize that classrooms are filled with gifted students and slow learners. Instruction without considering the aforementioned situation cannot bring forth effective output. Similarly, mere acquisition of writing skills cannot help a student to go beyond the limits of writing, but its diversification and instant usage in different fields can.

A person who shows keen interest in the basic rules of grammatical construction is expected to gain mastery over a language. Similarly, writing involves the amalgamation of different aspects within language. It is essential for a writer to identify all the main aspects of the target language and transform his or her imagination into the frame of the target language. If not, it will be difficult to grab the reader's attention and to continue the process of writing with ease. The best possible way to deal with the grammatical rules of a target language is to learn the same a number of examples so as to retrieve the same when needed. Creative writing involves a lot of hard work because it debunks the mythical status of traditional mode of writing by strictly following the T.G. (Traditional Grammar) rules. Those who writer are expected to keep in their minds that creativity cannot be learned, but can be imitated. This can be applied within the scenario of academic writing and to complete the works assigned by instructors to evaluate the student's progress in academic matters.

Those who decided to write must keep in mind that self effort to attain improvement is essential to prove oneself as a writer. To be specific, a writer is expected to improve by adopting new methods and inculcating innovative ideas in the form of writing. Students can easily adopt the innovative ideas put forth by writers and the same can help them to be successful in learning. For instance, it is not a bad idea for a student to follow his or her favorite writer's writing style because it can help oneself to improve. So, there are several ways to acquire writing skills, diversify, and use the same in different fields of knowledge.

7) Importance of Global Orientation in creative writing

Is it important to have global direction or general idea in creative writing? If, why? First of all, creative writing can be applied in different fields of knowledge and the same is spread over the world as a whole. Education is one among these fields, but the acquired skill can be used in other fields related to personal interest and career aspiration. Nowadays, the global educational system is undergoing change owning to the changes in the global workforce. To be specific, students are expected to develop their basic skills and to equip themselves to meet the demands and standards prescribed for global workforce. Competency is the key aspect of success and domination in the globalized world of trade and commerce. A competent individual can motivate others to meet the demands and head on the challenges related to globalization. So, creativity is with several benefits including the development of writing skills.

The current educational system helps the student community to consider education as one among the most important stages in life. But, it partially discards the scope of competency in student's life after schooling. Mere basic understanding on the scope of skills in life cannot help a student to be successful in future life. Instead, specialization in any field of interest, added with the element of competency can be helpful for a student to utilize potential in its fullness. Still, some parents, instructors, and experts in the field of education consider that the current mode of teaching-learning is enough for a student. For instance, they consider that graduation in any subject is enough for a student to choose a career. But graduation in any field of knowledge without specification cannot prove apt for a student who aims high in life. Instead, overall development aiming to gain competency to meet the demands of global workforce can help a student to go beyond the limits of basic education.

So, the experts in the field of education, especially those who construct curriculum for graduate schools must lend their ears to programs like 'Education Nation' put forth by news channels like NBC. To be specific, this program aims to collect public opinion on the scope of global competitiveness in a globalized world with full of opportunities and challenges. The concept of global citizenship is becoming more important because jobs in the new world cannot be confined within national borders. Instead, modern workforce must be ever ready to head on the challenges popping up from international trade relations. International co-operation within the scenario of education beyond boundaries is gaining global applause. So, creativity added with competence with a pinch of awareness on international relations can equip a student to prove his or her competency in the modern world and education is expected to help him or her to attain this status.

8) How to Improve your writing with the means of new trends

The measures adopted to improve one's potential are helpful to discard stagnation, to break the limits including the decision to seek help from best essay writing service, and to go forward towards a better future with confidence. For instance, instructors assign works related to their own process of thought and ability to perceive ideas from their point of view. This may or may not help a student to improve his or her writing because individual difference results in the differences in the level of perception of the same theme in different ways. If the instructor does not show any interest in providing students with proper and accurate guidelines to complete their proposed written assignments, the output will be far below expectation. One the other side, students are never expected to wait for their instructors to provide them with more than enough guidelines to improve their writing skills.

Insofar, individual effort plays pivotal role in improving a student's ability to deal with different written assignments. Students can seek help from their instructors to be in touch with new trends in writing. For instance, instructors who are interested in testing the validity of new trends in writing will take measures to update their own writing ability. They may make use of college portals and similar internet platforms like blogs to be in touch with new trends in writing. Students can easily follow them and be in touch with their writing styles. Each instructor is to be considered as untapped source of valuable resources related to education. Students must show keen interest in making use of their instructors as mediums to attain their ultimate aim in learning. In addition, students can write beyond their curriculum and ask their instructors to verify the same and rectify the mistakes, if any.

One can see that new trends in writing are revolutionizing the scenario of learning beyond classroom contexts. Nowadays, students can gain easy access to different sources of knowledge and can make use of the same in their process of learning. Students who are forced to give up education due to unexpected incidents in life can continue their education after years. This sort of change in the mode of education is really creative and beneficial for the student community because it discards the problems related to the less scope of accessibility to classrooms. Even prisoners continue their education and it makes sure that no one is kept aside from the mainstream of continuing education. When educational institutions allow students to submit their assignments through online portals, writing becomes comparatively easier process. The new trends within modern education can help students to update themselves and to equip to head on the expected challenges in the different phases of higher education in general. Still, students must be ready to accept new treads in its literal meaning because trends can be momentary but its end-results may prove to be fundamental.

9) Improvise your Academic Writing skills by using new trends

The current trend in academic writing is that digital media is widely used to express one's literary creativity, even to exhibit emotions. For instance, emoticons are used to share different emotions. Besides, people spend more time in the virtual world and interaction becomes easier. If one faces problems related to socialization, one can adopt a virtual avatar and interact with other without any inhibition. If one feels that he or she is an introvert who is facing extreme difficulty to share his or her emotions in real sense, that person can seek advice from online experts and change their course of action. Nowadays, writing is beyond the traditional mode of writing with the help of pen and paper because virtual presence provides writers with interactive experience. Students can make use of online platforms to write and allow the same to undergo criticism. One can easily identify that online platforms are innovative modes to exchange ideas and to have instant access to new trends.

Now, students are aware of the fact that they can transform their abstract ideas into well-knit essays. Besides, spelling mistakes are easily identified and rectified within no time. When the readers react in a sudden without any time lag, writers get inspired to write more. But this sort of high expectation is really exhausting experience for less voluminous writers. They try their level best to catch up with innovation and some wins the race. It is not difficult for an average writer to attract attention on the internet because attractiveness and the capacity to transform imagination into words determine the scope of success on the Web. In real sense, creativity is important, but the way the completed writings are displayed doubles the scope of success as a writer. While choosing assignments, students accept socially relevant and burning issues as their topics. Why? One can see that articles related to socially relevant ideas become viral, and this idea can be easily inculcated into any form of writing, including academic writing.

Finally, students must be ready to communicate with each other because they are not supposed to be islands without any interaction with others. A modern student is expected to show open-mindedness towards new trends which can make learning easier process. On the other side, students are responsible to help their peers who are in need of help. To be specific, to learning to teach or help others is really amazing because only a learned person can teach others or guide others towards something really worthy to point out. In short, there are several ways to improvise one's academic writing skills and to channelize the same into relevant areas, but it is the student's individual responsibility and freedom to make use the same for educational purposes.

10) Top 5 inventive ideas to transform your academic life

Earlier, academic life was limited within the upper strata of the mainstream society because lower classes were forced to keep away from education. Gradually, social change forced the noble class to lose their influence over the mainstream society as a whole. Now, several scholarships in the form of economic aid, initiated by multinational corporations, International Organizations and NGOs allow brilliant but economically downtrodden students to enjoy the benefits of higher education. Modern world provides immense importance to creativity which can transform a brilliant student's academic life. The below mentioned ideas can help a student to view academic life from a different angle and to enjoy the same in its fullness.

Firstly, enough rest can help an individual to find out apt remedies for serious problems. It is not advised to allow one's brain to undertake overload while feeling fatigue. Instead, rest and leisure time activities can help one to overcome issues originating from work. It is foolish to think that a tired person can undertake workload and to complete the same in a successful manner. Tired brain cannot undertake any sort of work including writing. So, it is better to allow enough time for one's brain (mind) to ponder over the problem and to attain an apt solution.

Secondly, it is better to get indulged in physically motivating activities including work-out. One can see that regular exercise helps an individual to have a clean mind in a well-built body. Physical activities in the form of work-out can help one to be away from mild emotional imbalance and can enhance the process of thinking and acting accordingly.

Thirdly, it is better to listen to soothing music, including favorite songs. Some maybe interested in Classical music and some others may be interested in other. Whatsoever, music is a proven remedy to cure emotional imbalance. So, those who are aiming to accelerate their creativity are advised to listen to their favorite music or songs. Some writers consider silence and loneliness as the best way to stimulate their creativity.

Fourthly, connecting different ideas can help one to form totally different ideas. For instance, choose two different ideas and try to link the same by finding out similarities or dissimilarities. This sort of attempt to connect dissimilar ideas can result in the origin of entirely innovative ideas.

Fifthly, light-whether dim or bright-can influence one's certain levels of creativity. For instance, dim light added with soothing music can calm down one's mind and can stimulate creativity. Still, some people consider that bright light is suitable for writing, but it does not prove that dim light is totally against creativity. One can see that subconscious mind becomes active in dim light and it can influence one's creativity in general. So, students can depend upon aforementioned ideas can help a student to transform his or her academic life from dullness or monotony to creativeness.

11) How to deal with Creative Writing trends in the digital world

Innovative trends related to creative writing revolves around the expected audience or those who depend upon the web as a medium for acquisition of knowledge. For instance, users skim and scan through web pages according to their taste and need. If some topics are found interesting, they go through the heading and go further into the first paragraph. Writers know this and draft their writings according the aforementioned method of searching for info by making use of the Web. Readers who feel disinterested in some topics skip less interesting pages and conduct further search with the help of key words. Within this scenario, they scan for innovative and interesting headings and focuses upon certain paragraphs and someone deeply involves in the process of reading and note taking. To be specific, a writer who makes use of the web as a medium to write aims to sustain the individual reader's interest in the target web page containing the writer's literary creativity.

The new trends related to writing within the scenario of the Web is based upon the realization that users make use of key words to go through different web pages. Besides, attractive headings influence the user's attention span, writers show keen interest in transforming their headings from ordinariness to attractiveness. Still, there is another fact that the key words used by users must lead towards target websites. This is a serious issue because popularity and related traffic is strictly limited within the context of attractive heading and relevant content. So, those who writer for the web show interest in following new trends. Writers including students are expected to foresee their audience because the end product must satisfy the needs of the audience. It is better to consider oneself as one among the audience and to make changes accordingly.

As pointed out earlier, writers and students who write for the target must select certain type of audience, for whom they exhibit their creativity in the form of words and related sentences. It is better to note down the expected feedback from the reader. To be specific, writers take notes on the expected feedback on his or her writing in Web based platforms. Writers ponder upon different ideas to create effective and creative headings or headlines for their articles or similar type of writings. Then, they take decision on the points to be included and developed in the main body of the proposed piece of writing. Next step is to write or type down the content by adding detailed description on different main points. After completing the main content, writer choose interesting usages familiar to the target reader in an informal manner. One can see that informal mode of writing, similar to speech or direct conversation is the latest trend on the virtual world.

12) Latest Orientation trends and its influence upon creative writing

Latest orientation trend includes the extensive usage of the World Wide Web in education, scope for distance and continuing education, and informal mode of writing to express creativity. First of all, the unrestricted usage of World Wide Web within the scenario of education is really amazing and helpful for the student community. For instance, students can easily make use of the internet platforms including blogs, discussion forums, and digital libraries to extend the horizon of knowledge. Some other students are aware of the fact that best essay writing service providers can help them to go beyond their limits in creative writing. Digital literacy and web assisted education in classroom environments is really helpful for students to go beyond the limits of prescribed text-books and even the curriculum.

Secondly, distance and continuing education redefines education and extends its scope beyond school college complex and classrooms. Those who faced problems while applying and gaining admission at renowned educational institutions can easily continue their education with less economic burden. Earlier, education was totally objective, based upon instruction, evaluation and remedial teaching. Now, students are able to select the time and date of their exams. In right sense, exams must be conducted when students are ready. Some students may complete their modules within limited time and they can appear for their exam. This can help them to save their time without waiting for exams to be conducted.

Thirdly, formal way is considered as outdated and informal way of writing is in the limelight. Formal way of writing strictly follows grammatical rules and the same is difficult for students to perceive in real sense. Grammarians are of the opinion that grammar is important in the practical usage of a language. On the other side, those who support informal mode of writing proclaim that acceptability plays the most important role in the practical usage of any language. Both the ways are good for students because language without grammar is baseless. But overuse of grammar makes writing and reading a monotonous work. So, latest orientation on creative writing proves that the world of education is shedding its inhibition on the process of teaching-learning and students must try their level best to move with the same.

13) Current trends in creative writing and its effect on students

The current trends, especially the inculcation of ideas within the sphere of education and related creative writing, are helpful for the student community as a whole. To be specific, the current trends allow the students to be co-operative and equip them to share their content, cohesion disregarding the ability to perceive difficult topics, and encourage the students to express their creativity in different ways. For instance, it is difficult for a modern student to be less cooperative with his or her classmates because collaborative work is one among the key elements of classroom instruction and related follow-up work in the form of group works in general. It is difficult for students in the digital world to be less co-operative because web based learning motivates and encourages them to share the content.

Group works are formulated to motivate students to be cohesive as members of the same family, i.e. the members of the same class. When students are encouraged to get involved in group based works like completing assignments by allowing all the members to share their ideas is helpful to inculcate cohesion disregarding personal disabilities related to the perception and usage of different skills. The student with artistic talent can make an assignment attractive by selecting different outlines for the proposed piece of writing in the form of assignment or seminar paper. The student with the ability to conduct extensive research can collect information from different sources. This mode of completing an assignment with the help of the Web is really amazing and helpful for students to be cohesive. One can see that creative writing is valuable for a student who makes use of the digital world as a medium to express his or her creativity. Those with less creativity can seek help from their peers or their instructors to learn the basics of creative writing, and this can help them in future years.

14) Current issues within the Global Orientation of writing trends

The most serious problems or issues within the global arena of web based writing trends include digital divide, digital illiteracy, and fear of the misuse of the web, apart from its benefits. Digital divide is the problem faced by the elders who did not have had any sort of education related to computing. One can see that the last generation is with less knowhow with the handling of computers and they feel it difficult to make use of the Web for educational purposes. They consider that the Web can spoil the student community as a whole. From a different angle of view, some people misuse the digital world but it is not fair to blame the Web for this misuse because it is a medium or platform.

The student community in the third world nations faces the problem of digital illiteracy and this keeps them away from the benefits of the digital world as a whole. The governments in these nations consider that it is expensive to develop infrastructure of computerization and its utilization in classroom environments. When students lose the chance to gain access to digital world, they become far away from the developments with global arena of education. On the other side, elders including senior citizens face similar problems related to digital illiteracy because money transactions and documentation are being digitalized. So, digital illiteracy is a global problem, creating trouble among the mass.

Students and elders misbelieve that the Web is not a safe place for a normal individual with less technical knowhow on the same. The abovementioned statement is partially correct because an average person cannot foresee the pitfalls on the Web. Even educated individuals are entrapped by frauds with technical knowledge in computing. On the other side, those who like to have instant access to the Web can seek help from close relatives and others and save themselves from internet frauds. So, the abovementioned issues hinder students from making use of the Web for educational purposes.

15) Best tips to adjust creative writing according to new trends in writing

Students and those who are interested in making use of the new trends and ideas in writing can easily adopt certain tips to channelize their creativity into the process of writing to an extent. First of all, the person (say, the student) should decide the ultimate aim behind the decision to write. This sort of pre-planning can solve a number of problems related to the quality of the proposed piece of writing, or the end product. Basically, students write to prove that they have learned the topics within the prescribed syllabus and to allow their instructors to evaluate them. On the other side, writers write to entertain and to share their unique ideas with the expected readers or the audience.

Before unleashing creativity, writers are expected to keep themselves away from different factors that distract or destroy their concentration in the process of writing as a whole. For instance, a student may feel distracted by the thought on certain levels of leisure time activities or hobbies. If one is interested in some hobbies, it is better to immerse oneself in the same for some time, come back, and start writing. If not, mind will not allow concentrating in writing because mind is pondering upon the hobby and hands are forced to write. This creates tension between body and mind, mind wins in the end. So, it is better to clean up the mind and start writing with full of energy and innovative ideas.

After the completion of the proposed piece of writing, the writer or student is expected to read the same aloud. Why? This helps to identify the main errors and grammatical mistakes. Besides, read once more, not from the introductory part to the conclusion, but from the conclusion to the introductory part. Again, why? This method can help the writer to find out whether the main points are included in the main body of the work or everything is properly aligned. If needed, writer can make some changes related to ambiguous words, sentences, and usages. This can enhance the end product's readability and acceptance by the expected audience, thanks.

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